Frequently Asked Questions

Popular questions about fat removal procedures

Q: No matter how much I exercise, I still cant lose my belly fat. Why?
A: Fat is a natural part of our bodies, and sometimes our genetics play a role in where we accumulate fat. For more on this see About Fat.

Q: I read about Liposonix. It’s a non-invasive tool?
A: Currently Liposonix is available in Europe and the United States. No incisions or cutting needed to achieve its fat reduction results.

Q: I saw an ad for low-cost body contouring? Is it a smart thing?
A: Elsewhere on this site we discuss what to look for in a physician. Low-cost offers are not usually something I look for in my doctors. A good deal is great, but not at the expense of a qualified surgeon. If you can’t afford it, don’t do it.

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