Mission Statement

Online information about fat reduction treatment and body contouring has been plagued by inaccuracy and limited patient involvement. Anyone can claim to be an expert online, and it’s hard to find accurate sources of information that are kept up to date. Before making a decision about treatment, you deserve to have access to the greatest minds in the field and hear what others in your shoes have experienced.

To make this possible, VIP Beauty: Fat Removal combines the collective wisdom of patients with information provided by body contouring physicians. Visitors have access to leading minds in the field of fat reduction and can hear from fellow patients about how treatment impacted their lives. Now patients can make a decision about treatment with confidence.

VIP Beauty: Fat Removal is proud to feature information provided by some of the world’s leading laser experts. Many of the physicians and researchers who edit and review this website were instrumental in the development of aesthetic lasers and injectables. Our goal is to inform the millions of prospective patients, family members, and friends who are interested in fat reduction treatment. We hope you will find the information included here useful. As a Patient’s Guide® website, we are committed to the highest standards of medical accuracy and review. We hope this information is helpful and we look forward to your feedback.

Please do note that no website, advertising, or word of mouth can replace the consultation with an expert physician and before making any decision on treatment, it is advisable to speak to your doctor first.